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Hi there, my name is Brian and welcome to my website. I am the founder of I have been outdoor camping for a long time now. I find that all the stresses from work and everyday life, just slip away. The beauty of the sights and sounds you experience, the places you get to see and the people you meet, leave you with a sense of fulfilment. Getting out into the countryside is very much what I like to do. There is also a lot of peace and privacy. You can stay in your own country and camp out, camp in your own back garden or go abroad. With hiking and camping your not limited. I pull my equipment behind me with a hiking trailer, instead of on my back, which is a lot easier. It feels lighter and you do not get sore shoulders. Hiking and camping is so good for the soul. You get plenty of exercise and its good for you mentally. Take a stroll around the site, you may find something that interests you. I love all wildlife and all animals. I am interested in motor sports, motorcycles but my main passion is the outdoors and helping people.

I want to help people experience the outdoor life and to enjoy what that can bring. Hiking and camping is not just about getting out there and pitching a tent, it`s about feeling better about yourself both physically and mentally.

The goal of my site is to bring friends and families closer together.

If you have any questions, email me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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All the best,