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8cm thickness for optimal comfort: our sleeping pad is thick and wide to use compared with other similar mattresses. The 8cm thick equipment is able to isolate your back, foot and legs, etc. from the damp ground and hard stones. Besides, the ergonomic air cells design will support you satisfy various postures for comfortable sleeping (comes with pillow) Advanced built in foot pump: the foldable camping airbed is equipped with a foot pump, with which you can fully inflate the large sleeping pad in 1 minute by simply stomping, saving 40%-50% inflation time. It’s more convenient, labour saving and hygienic. No need to blow by mouth or press by hand-Prime & reliable quality: by virtue of the well-selected material, high-quality 40D nylon and TPU, this camping mattress features waterproof and puncture-proof performances, capable to withstand the weight of 440lb/200kg after inflated. Also, it comes with different colours on each side, thus you can choose according to your preference. It is easy to clean, just gently wipe clean if there is dust or dirt. Upgraded inflation & deflation system: to provide better using experience, the inflation pump and deflation valve are positioned differently, to avoid air leakage and achieve quicker deflation. The cushioned sleeping mat measures 200cm(L), 72cm(W), 10cm(H) after inflated and 28cm(L), 12cm(W),11cm(H) after folded, and weighs about 1.96lb, suitable for fishing, traveling, bike packing, trekking, camping, hiking, backpacking, etc. and serve as indoor bedding, bedroll or garden Unique connectable design: our camping pad is equipped with snap fasteners on the sides, with which you can connect two sleeping mats together easily, thus creating a double bed. Ideal for various outdoor activities, especially suitable for family camping.

Product Description

Compared with other similar products, our self-inflating camping mat is thicker and wider. 10cm of thickness can isolate you from wet ground and hard rocks. Easily inflate by stamping by foot or pressing by hand, no need of battery or separate air pump. More convenient and hygienic than blowing by mouth or using a pump. Waterproof and Weatherproof High-quality 40Dnylon and TPU, with waterproof and puncture resistance. Our camping mats are equipped with snaps on the side, so you can easily connect two sleeping mats together to form a double bed. It is very suitable for various outdoor activities, especially for family camping.


4.0 out of 5 stars-I intend to use this to sit and lay on at music festivals, it can get a bit uncomfortable sitting on the hard ground all day so this will be some comfort to my bum.

I like that it has a built-in pump so that one less thing to carry around. Getting the technique took a few goes but I had a read of some other reviews and got it.

I don’t think I could spend a whole weekend sleeping on it but in an emergency if the main bed broke I could do a night on it, but I know it wouldn’t be the best nights rest I’ve had.

4.0 out of 5 stars-Although this isn’t difficult to inflate the small instruction leaflet is not the best. Once you get the hang of it, it does inflate very quickly, it was about a minute and half. It’s a good length too, I’m 5 ft 6 and there’s still room at the bottom. I tend to toss and turn throughout the night and there is quite a bit of noise from the rubber, which isn’t ideal.

It is very lightweight and easy to carry. It also has the carry bag, ideal for storage. Overall, I’m very happy with this.

4.0 out of 5 stars-good quality camping mats. My children use this when they sleep over their grandparent’s house. The instructions are extremely basic, but the air bed is simple enough to understand how to inflate and deflate. It’s good quality and stayed inflated all night. It doesn’t make much noise when you roll on it and overall, I’m very happy with this product. The quality seems excellent, and it works very well.

5.0 out of 5 stars-This is a really brilliant inflatable bed. It is easy to inflate – you just pump the valve end with your foot – same motion as breaking or accelerating in a car – for a few minutes. You need to make sure that the smaller valve at the other end is closed first or you will have wasted your energy. The bed inflates quickly into individual cells, with a good built in air pillow. Once inflated the bed is long – easily long enough for a tall adult – and is wide enough to lie on your back or side comfortably. The bed has little clips so that it can be linked to another bed to create a double. All of this comes in a neat draw string bag, and it is easy enough to roll the bed up after use and put it back into its bag. Once rolled up and in the bag the bed doesn’t take up much space, and is very lightweight, so it is great for hiking camping, picnics and the like.


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