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Hiking trailers are a great way to carry all you’re camping equipment. This saves you all the discomfort of carrying your equipment on your back. Instead of lifting your equipment everywhere, you can pull it around, (simple) So, if you`re tired of lifting your equipment then read this post about hiking/bicycle trailers. Lets get started.

Benefits of a hiking trailer

Using a hiking trailer can allow you to walk that much faster. A hiking trailer can  allow you to use less energy per mile, even while walking faster. A hiking trailer can let you walk more comfortably and have fewer injuries. Hiking trailers are cooler and no more sore shoulder`s or aching back. A hiking trailer can help you to do this, it takes the weight of the backpack, off your shoulders, and puts it around your waist.


Disadvantages of a hiking trailer

Hiking trailers do not help in all terrains. When you come across steps, gates, fences, and very rocky terrain etc. hiking trailers can be awkward. But there are hiking trailers out there that you can carry on your back.

Bicycle trailers

If you’re thinking of taking a bicycle on your trek, you may consider attaching a bike trailer, to carry all of your equipment. This trailer can be attached to your bike or you can pull this along, I have one of these and find it very good for pulling all of my equipment around on my treks. And if your tent is big enough, you can put the trailer in your tent. The wheels are quick release.

Types of hiking trailers

There are a lot of different hiking trailers out there. Hiking trailers upon purchase, can be adapted to suit your needs. I adapted mine so that the handle can be removed,

I added suspension and bicycle lights should night time set in before you have found somewhere to pitch your tent. I also added a lockable lid for safety, and attached my trekking poles to each side. It has a bracket on top, to fix my top box to for extra storage, and a bracket for my solar charger, it also has bigger 20″ wheels which are quick release, all trailers come with quick release wheels. You can adapt these trailers to your needs and what you are using them for.

These trailers will NOT fit into a one man tent for obvious reasons when dismantled, but they will fit into a two-man tent and up, when dismantled, for piece of mind.

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While there are many benefits of using a hiking trailer, it is important to bear in mind, that hiking trailers do not help you in all terrains. Hiking trailers can help greatly in the right type of terrain. They can also be a hindrance in certain types of terrain. For some hikers, taking a big heavy pack, can be difficult and take it`s toll on your back and body in general especially if you are not as young and able as you used to be. A hiking trailer is one possible solution that might help you get back out on the trail and enjoying the freedom once more.

Happy hiking



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