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Is Camping Scary?

Camping is a fantastic activity! It is a great time out in the open, which makes a wonderful place to be for couples, singles and families. But there is a lot to know before you set-off.

In the heart of many people lies an unexplored yearning for adventure. Yet, when it comes to camping, a surprising number of people remain uncertain. Fear seems to hold them back. Is camping scary? This is the question we’ll dive into today. Let`s get started.


It is generally a good idea to leave your campsite or car with a fully charged phone battery. If that’s not an option, bring an extra battery. In the event of an emergency, you will need your phone to call out for help, so this item is very important. Buy a solar charger! They can charge your phone quickly and are very portable.

When camping with your dog, be certain to bring their supplies. There will inevitably be wildlife around, so plan ahead and have a way to keep your pet safe. Certain areas will require you to keep your dog on a lead. Food, water and clean bowls are important to have with you. As well as doggie bags, you still have to dispose of your dogs waste the right way.

As you plan your camping adventure, teach your children about the dangers of different mushrooms and plants they might encounter. Simply check the Internet out for photos of dangerous plants like poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac, so they know what to look out for and what to avoid in the outdoors. Poison ivy can be found anywhere in and around the edges of wooded areas. For free information on poison Ivy, poison oak and poison sumac plants and how to treat click here

If you are camping at a public campsite, make sure you turn your lights off. Some individuals may choose to leave their mobile homes lights on all night. There is no reason to do this and it just disturbs others who are sleeping in tents or vehicles around you.

Make sure that you choose the right sleeping bag for the conditions on the campsite. In hotter weather, you will probably want a lightweight sleeping bag, In colder weather, you will probably want a heavyweight sleeping bag, like duck down or goose down.

When you are out in the countryside with kids, have a photograph of them with you. If your children should get lost during your trip, a picture of them can be very useful. Take a photo of your kids and what they are wearing. Always keep a photo ready for emergencies, especially when you`re a good distance from home and you don`t know the area.

Make sure you have a first-aid kit with you during your entire camping trip. You also need to pack, small knife, matches, some snack`s and emergency blanket. This kit may keep you alive if you are lost and these items are indispensable for a survival situation. Always keep it nearby and never leave it behind at the campsite.

Figure out how to use a compass and read a map in advance, there are websites you can learn from like YouTube. Even if you are familiar with your campsite and the surrounding`s, you could still get lost because many areas do look the same. You will be able to avoid a possible bad situation, when you learn and understand how to use both of these life saving items.

Don’t forget to bring tablets to purify your water. These tablets will turn any water into drinkable water. Before you leave on the trip, try drinking water made with water purification tablets so you will get used to the taste. It would be a bad thing to get dehydrated along the way. You can also get some hydration tablets, which you can put in your water.

Hydration tablets are also known as electrolyte tablets, because that’s what they are, tablets containing electrolytes like sodium and potassium that your body needs to be properly hydrated. Often alongside carbs and sugars which help fuel your exercise. These tablets can add a fruity taste to any water.

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In the end, camping is about the thrill of the experience. It’s about disconnecting from the digital world, connecting with nature, and challenging yourself in new and exciting ways. Camping is as much a journey of self-discovery as it is an exploration of the great outdoors. So, is camping scary? Yes, it can be. But with the right mindset and preparation, the rewards far outweigh the fears.

Happy camping




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