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Just Add Water-Backpacking Meals

It goes without saying, mealtime is one of the best parts of any hiking trip. There’s nothing quite like warm filling food, after a long day on the trail. There are dinner`s, pudding`s and a variety of snacks to keep you going after a long walk. Dehydrated meals in a bag are a great way to fill you up at the end of a days walk. I use, just add water backpacking meals. These meals are very tasty.


Nutrition value: Preparation:

Energy-452kcal per 100g                      1. Open pouch at tear notch, Remove “oxygen absorber” unfold bottom.

Fat-22.3g per 100g                                2. Add hot water up to recommended line

(Saturated)-15.2g per 100g                   3. Stir well.

Carbohydrates-47.1g per 100g             4. Close pouch, allow to stand for 10 minutes

Sugar-6.7g per 100g                             5. Open pouch, stir again. Leave for 2 minutes

Fibres-6.1g per 100g                             6. Open and enjoy. It`s as simple as that.

Protein-14.0g per 100g

Salt-1.6g per 100g


On a long hike, variety is as important as the nutrition. If you haven’t checked out the range of outdoor meals available, you will be quite surprised. There are a lot of choices out there, including vegetarian meals.


A precooked meal, which is ready to eat and doesn’t need to be re-hydrated, can be eaten hot or cold. To eat hot, place in a saucepan of boiling water for 8-10 minutes open stir and enjoy, that`s it.

There are many different brands of outdoor meals available. There are vegan, gluten-free and organic options. I found the best for me was adventure food which you can purchase through amazon.

There are also Self Heating meals.

A Hot Meal, Anytime, Anywhere, self heating meals where heating or cooking facilities are not available and a hot meal is desired.

You need fewer utensils, all you really need are a long-handled spork.


These meals can be quite expensive, anything from 5 pounds to 10 pounds per pouch. When you are camping alone, it may just be easier to buy one or two of these meals. If you are in a group, it may be easier to prepare food to take along with you. You can pretty much take anything with you and cook on an open fire, or your gas burner.

When you’re camping, and you have just pitched your tent. After a hard day’s walk through the wood`s, the evenings tend to be defined by what you put in your belly. And I don`t mean beer. A good meal will see you through till morning.

Camping Cook Books

There are plenty of recipes out there for making meals.

Pasta, lentils, noodles and oats are a good choice to take along, as they are light and don`t take up much room.

Campsite cooking doesn`t mean marshmallows and canned food. Camping cook book`s are full of delicious, hearty dishes specially created for cooking on a campfire stove. Including hearty Chilli, Breakfast Burritos and even treats, these Campfire Favourites guarantee to fuel any expedition.

Cooking in the big outdoors is one of life’s greatest pleasures and it’s an indisputable fact that food tastes much better outside, cooked on an open fire or prepared on a gas burner.

My Recommended Marketplace For Your Camping Meals

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Whatever you take along, preparation is key to a great adventure. Food can be a big part of your hiking/camping experience. Your whole day may revolve around what the next meal will be. Those who camp on a regular basis, know their favourite meals and know exactly what to take and how much. Make sure you know what to take by preparing your meals in advance. Don’t forget, this is all going in your backpack along with your water and equipment, so think as light as possible. If your journey crosses path`s with shops, you don`t have to take as much food, as you can pick it up on your trip. Always plan what route you will be taking, long before you go.


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