Pocket Fire Lighting Kit-Review

About This Item

  • A complete kit for all-weather fire lighting, provided in a pocket-size case to keep everything to hand.
  • Includes a top-quality, chunky Ferrocerium rod that produces a shower of 3,000° C sparks, and will start hundreds of fires. The durable steel Striker also doubles as a bottle opener, making it the perfect campfire accessory!
  • A Telescopic Bellows tube allows you to directly feed oxygen into the heart of the fire, turning even the most difficult to light fuel into a stable fire within minutes.
  • Contains a supply of water-resistant Tinder Sticks, which make starting fires a pleasure and not a chore. The Sharpener can be used to shave the included Waxed Dowel or collected sticks into hot burning kindling.
  • Size: 98mm length x 72mm width x 21.5mm depth. Weight: 129g.

Product description

The Spitfire is a pocket-size, easy to carry and highly effective fire lighting kit, designed to allow its user to quickly and reliably get a fire started regardless of weather conditions. For ignition, the Spitfire combines a chunky Ferrocerium (fire steel) rod with a durable Striker to produce a large volume of 3,000° C sparks. The Striker also features a built-in bottle opener, the ideal campfire accessory! The Telescopic Bellows extend out to an impressive 442mm, allowing you to blow additional oxygen into the fire whilst maintaining a safe and pleasant distance. The kit comes with its own supply of water-resistant tinder, in the form of waxed jute Tinder Sticks, which will readily catch a spark and ignite, and can be used as a lighting splint that will burn for four minutes. A Sharpener allows you to shave both the included Waxed Dowels and collected sticks into a pile of hot burning kindling. The Spitfire is perfect for bush craft, camping, festivals, hiking and many other outdoor activities. The kit comes with a detailed instruction sheet, with explanations for starting and building fires. Kit Contents: Black Polypropylene Case Ferrocerium Rod (9.5mmØ x 55mm usable rod) Striker with bottle opener Telescopic Bellows tubeSharpener14x Waxed Jute Tinder Stick4x Waxed Dowel


5.0 out of 5 stars-Items arrived quickie and before suggested arrival date and I like the little touch of the Kendall mint cake in with my delivery.

The kit is well contained in a plastic tin and has all you need to start your campfire or BBQ. The more you use the striker bar the better it will work to done be surprised or disappointed when using for the first few times that there is no, or very little spark and you find it a bit of hard work that will change. Just keep using it.

5.0 out of 5 stars-I’m a scout leader & I swear by this thing. The shavings & paraffin wax string is perfect kindling to get a spark to take hold, just be sure to have some extra paper/ dry wood on standby & pre-shave your pencil! The collapsible air pipe (I have no idea what it’s called) is sometimes a little too big to fit in the case again comfortably & I often find that by the time it would be useful you have someone already with their face in the fire trying to blow into it!

5.0 out of 5 stars-Bought as a present for my 11-year-old Scout. His most used present so far and safe to say he loves it! Swallowed the Kendal mint cake (a lovely touch) in one fevered inhale. His only recommendation is a drawstring pouch and carabiner as GE thinks it is such a valuable bit of kit it needs to be hung inside a backpack so it is easy to reach and can’t fall out.

I’m now hiding all bits of wood in my garden from him!

5.0 out of 5 stars-Great value for money, if you just use the Ferro Rod and the bellows, as both very good quality and worth the price of the kit. Not used the Tinder or Kindling yet, the sparks from the Ferro rod is very impressive, and you would pay the price of the kit just for the Rod, not to mention the bellows (great bit of kit, no more sticking your face into the fire to blow and breathe life into your fires).

5.0 out of 5 stars-This tiny fire lighting kit could someday be worth more than its weight in gold should you urgently need to light a fire. It is so small there is no excuse not to have one in your backpack or left in your car. The kit I must mention includes a bellows unit to help start a fire in more demanding situations. Worth every penny.


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