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This professional grade military compass will always lead you in the right direction. Ideal for camping, military usage, emergencies, motoring, boating, mountaineering, exploring, hunting, other outdoor activities and anywhere the beaten track takes you. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The lensatic function increases the reading’s accuracy with a lens on the rear sight that magnifies the card dial. The bubble level can improve its accuracy and decrease its errors – so you’ll always get an accurate reading. MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Made of  Aluminum Alloy and covered by army green paint, which is capable of working under extreme weather condition. Tough and tenacious, the military construction with waterproof and shake proof properties is built to survive the harshest of hikes. PORTABLE: Package includes a compass with pouch & lanyard. Keep the compass near you with a belt loop attachment or place it safely in your pocket with a carrying case, so you can keep your hands gripped on the mountain you’re scaling. FLUORESCENT LIGHT: Special design of fluorescent light allows you to read data in dark environment after absorbing enough sunshine. A compact appearance, never occupy much your place. Every product enjoys 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 12-Month Replacement Warranty.

Product Description

Sportneer Military Lensa tic Sighting Compass with Carrying Bag, Waterproof and Shake proof, Army Green

Whether you are trekking through those rugged plains or trying to find that lookout point with a gorgeous view, it’s always nice to have a fellow adventure buddy who always knows where they are going. And here at Sportneer, we want to be that companion.

The Sportneer’s Military Grade Compass – your tough, burly compass-friend who will always point you back to the right direction.

It navigates, orientates positions, measures slopes, angles and scales and locates direction -“like the friend who always adopts the backseat driver role – just without the pompous nagging.

A Compass That’s Built to Last.

They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. And your gadgets. So of course, you’d want only the best. And with military construction, you will be getting the best. If crafting this navigation compass with high quality, engineering metal isn’t enough, we’ve also equipped with a rugged metal casing, and made it waterproof and shake-proof, “so you can always rely on us. We don’t break easy!


Army Green Compass

-Item Size: 3.3”x2.5”x1”

-Item Weight: 0.39 lbs

-Package Dimensions: 4.3”x3.2”x1.5”

-Package Weight: 0.47lbs


5.0 out of 5 starsThis is just the best Compass I have ever used. It is not light or small so not really the kind of Compass you would use for trekking etc but if you need to get accurate Compass Readings for a professional reason such as checking Aircraft systems it is just brilliant.

5.0 out of 5 starsI write this review based on my decades of experiences as a consumer, reviewer and user of this type of implement. I first used a handheld compass in the 60’s, a WW2 BRITISH army relic which an uncle had used in the desert under Monty. After that was DoE etc. I am proficient with a map and compass and in the age of GPS units, it is a disappearing skill. I have a very bright granddaughter and bought this (and a few chucks and forget versions) to teach her the basics of compass use. She clicked to it very quickly, helped by the design of this compass. Decent sized, CLEAR letters, numerals and needle. Immediately obvious / clear. North EASILY found. The needle is mounted in a liquid (Oil?) filled central area. The needle moves easily but as with any compass responds better when held or better left sitting in a flat all around horizontal position. Numbers for degrees easy to read. Taking a beating by sight, aligned with the crisply clear markings is easy and my angel was telling me that the Abbey was almost South of our position in next to no time.

This compass, unlike another that I have reviewed is well-made. The body is metallic. The lid / compass cover is also metal, so the compass has protection against the never-ending series of bangs, jolts and drops that a working compass has to live through. A clip holds it closed. There is a para cord type lanyard. The compass is finished in a dark BRITISH army green type colour. The dial hands and figures appear to be luminous. There is a small case that can be attached to a belt, but this is the worst feature of the purchase. It is made of a light, nasty badly sewn attempt to make it appear canvas. The case if used will very likely fall apart very quickly. The compass is not a good fit, the case being tight to all its sides. That makes it difficult to get the compass out hence pressure on the poor-quality stitching hence a dead case. A Lanyard is much more reliable and a much better readily available method of use. Overall, at a tenner, it is cheap, metallic and appears to be reasonably accurate. I wouldn’t want to rely on it in the middle of Maine but certainly sufficient on North York moors, Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia. DON’T FORGET A DECENT OS MAP.

5.0 out of 5 stars-Given as a gift to a 13-year-old grandson who was delighted. Did not see the item as it was sent direct.

5.0 out of 5 stars-Solid piece of kit, great value.

5.0 out of 5 stars-Ideal compass to have once you have mastered map reading, many hours of enjoyment for the future outdoors life.

5.0 out of 5 stars-This is a good quality military grade compass that comes in its own storage pouch. It’s a handy size to pop in your pocket as well.


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