Toparchery Sleeping Bag-Review

toparchery 1000g Filling White Duck Down Mummy 3-4 Season Sleeping Bag -10°C Warm Lightweight Outdoor Camping Hiking Black

About this item

  • SLEEP IN COMFORT – Our premium quality filling and zipper design will keep you warm throughout the night. Whether you’re camping or partying at your favourite festival, this roomy sleeping bag allows you to sleep in comfort. Say goodbye to sleepless nights, and hello to a bag that promotes perfect sleep – Wherever you are.
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC – The last thing you need when you are trying to sleep is waking up in a pool of sweat inside your tent or cabin. Our inner material is made of 400T nylon, comfortable and breathable.
  • ZIPPER DESIGN – Our anti-snag zipper prevents your zipper from getting caught on the material of your sleeping bag liner.
  • 3 – 4 SEASONS – Tested in the harshest of environments, this heavy-duty sleeping bag is crafted from waterproof, durable, and breathable fabric to protect you in all weather conditions -Comfort temperature of +10°C to 0°C. Extreme use down to -10°C.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – Excellent at saving space, this sleeping bag is lightweight, portable and easy to carry.

Product description

– Shell: 400T Ripstop Polyester, Water Resistant

– Inner: 400T Nylon

– Filling: Duck Down

– Unfold Size: 210X80X50cm (82X31X19inch)

– Fold Size: 38X19X19cm (15X7.5X7.5inch)

Conservative Estimate Temperature Range: Varies with Individual Circumstance, we welcome your feedback after using it which will help us to provide more accurate information for other customers.

– Down Content: 1000g, Comfort Maximum 10oC Lower Comfort Zone -5oC Extreme Survival -10oC

Package Information:

– Down Content: 1000g, Package Size: 210X80X50cm (82X31X19inch), Package weight: 1.6KG / 3.5lb

– With Velcro Preventing Zipper Sliding Down and Keeping Warm at Night

– With Shoulder Tightening Strap to Avoid Heat Leaking

– With YKK Zipper, Brand Guarantee

– Zipper is on the right

– Light and Easily Packed into Carrier Bag

– Used for Outdoor Camping or Indoor for Guests who Sleep on an Air Bed, the quality of sleeping affects the quality of the next day’s trip directly, so a good sleeping bag is necessary for your trip!

Note: You receive a compressed sleeping bag. After receiving the sleeping bag, place it in a cool place for a few hours, or pat it to make the duck down soft and even.

Product Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Speedy delivery within a week, well packaged.

Kept me comfortable at -10 in Nepal and was small enough to fit in the bottom on my pack although the compression bag supplied with it broke so I replaced it with a stronger type. I’d expect a similar ‘branded’ bag to cost 3-4 x as much.

Zip seems strong and the material appears good quality

5.0 out of 5 stars I took a risk on this bag. I recently went to Everest Base Camp and my fellow-travellers spent at least double the amount of this bag on big brand sleeping bags – they also slept with sleeping bag liners in too – I didn’t! It was between -5c and -10c inside the lodges we were staying, and this sleeping bag kept me cosy every night – no complaints! Mighty little sleeping bag punches well above its weight!!! Don’t hesitate!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Used for a camping trip on a cold November weekend in Kent, the temperature dropped to almost freezing, and I slept through and didn’t feel the cold at all – this bag is better than any store won brands and can’t recommend enough. If you’re a serious camper, I recommend this. However, it’s slightly bulkier than some of the pro trekking bags out there!

3.0 out of 5 stars I am always cold I have yet to buy another one but instead bought a sleeping bag liner which compensates for it. Other than that, yeah had it in really cold temperatures and didn’t freeze to death but it wasn’t a cosy night, nor did I get a lot of sleep so no comparison yet but probably would buy it again it packs down well – probably a bit heavy but the zipper is to notch it’s good for a beginner who is learning and discovering the joy of the outdoors

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow so warm, soft and comfy. Squeezes into a small package slightly bigger than a rugby ball. Best sleeping bag, I have ever owned. Quick 1 week delivery.


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